Stay The Course

By marcdivincenzo

Solo Mall Mission

So today is the first day that Danielle is in college, along with the large majority of my close friends, so naturally after keeping myself busy with guitar and going to the gym, I found myself becoming pretty bored. So in an attempt to try to take care of this boredom, I took a little trip by myself to the Palisades Center mall. I wasn't sure of exactly what I would find there. I went through a few stores but nothing seemed interesting enough to buy, although there was this really cool shirt in Pac Sun but I decided not to get it. I wound up walking through Barnes and Noble and actually bought a book, unrelated to music (very out of character for me but I figured I might as well pick up reading since I'll have a lot of down time in the months to come). My book of choice was A Clockwork Orange. I've heard great things about it so I'm really looking forward to reading it.

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