On the road again

It's the final push towards home. I've been from east to west of a small part of North America now, and it's time to head home. I used to think is never visit the States, it just never really interested me, but then I made friends who happen to live here and if ever there was an incentive to visit a place that would be it!

I've been to Boston, Toronto, Vancouver, Bellingham, Leavenworth and Seattle. I enjoyed my time in all, but don't dare say which were my favourites. And I've found out about a few more places to visit, I'm sure there will be a next time.

Thanks everyone who hosted and guided me, it was fantastic to catch up with you all! Please come and visit me! I like having visitors! Tasmania isn't that far... Honest... My four flights home are only optional... I'm sure you could do it in at least one less...

And now I have four hours in LAX to kill. I have my magazines, a smoothie, and have sussed (yes iPhone, that is a real word) all my dinner options out. My travel cash card funds have run out smack bang on schedule, I've found a window seat in the sun, and someone keeps getting paged with the terrifying 'everyone is waiting for you' type messages.

Sure, I have a fifteen, a three and a one hour flight left, and an afternoon in Melbourne, but I've got my happy face on and it's looking all pretty shiny.

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