By wingpig

turn and turn again

Whilst I usually dither a bit about which picture to post it's rare for me to upload four vaguely similar people-pictures in succession, getting as far as typing tags and titles on each only to change my mind again and then crop, tart up, resize and post a completely different picture. I couldn't find the right things to say to accompany the others so I'll leave them for another time. Yesterday's gibberish indicates that I shouldn't try and chase something if it doesn't come easily to mind; the chance to consider and only say something when it feels right is most of the reason why I prefer writing to speaking in the first place.

One of the pictures today was of the very cosy builder taking a break from the unspecified work on the medical school façade on the hottest say of the year so far wearing an hat and lots of layers but I've already moaned about these weird people whose bodies don't seem to be able to generate their own heat before. I have likewise mentioned my lack of sympathy for the inebriate at some point too. With the coming of the summer drinking season I expect it will come up again but I don't want to annoy myself by going on about it tonight.

You know where you are with a nice simple wall-mounted slightly verdigrisèd copper pipe though. They don't ask any questions and don't expect any answers.

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