River of Flowers

By doffy

Snowdonia froom Menai Bridge

MrD was working all day today and it was time for me to go and buy some provisions, the fridge was empty. Went to the Farmer's Market at Menai Bridge, I blipped this view in the middle of June and the weather was pretty similar. The observant amongst you will be able to see one of the towers of the Suspension Bridge.

I drove on to Llanfair PG (the place with the long name) and whilst I was shopping, bumped into someone who remembered me working at our village school thirty years ago!

It had rained all night but had warmed up to 16 degrees by midday and very mild.

I had a lovely chat on the phone with our T and J who were walking in to London to visit the Victoria & Albert Museum, it stopped raining in London and started raining in Anglesey. It rained all afternoon.

Hope everyone had a relaxing Saturday x

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