It's a Journey.....

By LeeAnn


I wonder, does Target have stores outside of the US? The first Target store opened in Minnesota in 1962. I have shopped at MANY Targets in my lifetime. About 5 years ago they opened this store in Waconia, MN, the small town where I grew up. The first time I was there, it was almost surreal. I had to call my Mom and say, 'Guess where I am!". I still chuckle when I think of the comment made by a friend I worked with at the time. She said, "I was so happy I wanted to go kiss those red balls!".

We had a day at home today, doing laundry, cleaning, making salsa, etc. Cold and rain all day. We had a little sleet, which I refuse to call snow, but I am afraid we might get some of the real stuff tomorrow. The sun finally came out as we were ready to head over to Waconia to shop and get some dinner, providing some nice color in the sky for my Target shot.

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