By darcie

All Families are Psycotic

As many already know, I went to the Edinburgh Book Festival on Sunday the 30th to see Douglas Coupland, one of my favourite authors w/H and fellow blipper Chris Hamilton.

Being a person who reads quite a few books, I have to say this was only the second book reading I've ever been to and the first that was very close to me.

After standing in line for almost two hours, H had Coupland sign Mircorserfs and I smiled sweetlty for 3 more signatures - although it turns out that was nothing, some people had 20! I was informed that many independent book stores bring theirs along to be signed.

I was able to ask him a couple questions that I was curious about, but giddily spoke like a speed demon and wasn't able to have a sane discussion re: the answers. He still ows me stories about Ethan & Karla ;)

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