Moments & Memories

By NettieWriter

Fly Agric and a few doped squirrels

I've not posted for a while. Variety of reasons I won't bore you with. But I replaced my camera so what better reason to start posting again?

Today I took PJ, the eldest poodle and my special baby boy, to Haddo House for a walk in the grounds. We didn't stick to the paths. Instead we set off through the woodland and across the open grassed areas in search of adventure.

PJ loved it. He wasn't on the lead once we left the car park but he's such a good boy. He'd run on ahead but always come back, just to make sure I was fine, I was still coming. I had to call him back on only 2 occasions. At the back of Haddo House itself there are some stone steps he just couldn't resist. He darted up them and it took a bit of calling to persuade him that my route was better. The second time was when he came across an archway with an open door. What can I say? PJ likes to visit.

We came across a mix of fungi under a large tree. This fly agric had been nibbled. I like to imagine a couple of stoned squirrels staring at the clouds and seeing nuts.

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