By Tiebreaker

Bier Cottage ...

Today my write-up is essential part of this entry. Otherwise you could wonder why I loaded up a kind of barn as object of interest for the viewers at this journal.

But this cottage was prominent news in an article in the newspaper. My interest was aroused and I made a trip this afternoon with camera and tripod to Ouderkerk aan den IJssel.

This bier cottage is found there at the Old General and Private Cemetery at the IJsseldijk North.

After 1983 the graveyard and the bier cottage got heavily into disrepair. But recently it is restored. Based on old drawings and remains of the ruins.

For what was the bier cottage?
Late 18th century, the fear of being buried alive arose among the population. In 1825 was determined in the Low Countries by the sea that all cemeteries have had an apparently dead mortuary.

The law on the funeral (1869) was in response to the fear of being buried alive. There was a set period of time between death and burial of 36 hours.

The place of the bier cottage in the cemetery is stately and dignified. An aisle runs from the entrance gate to the back where the wooden bier plastered stone house is on an high basement. The top gable is decorated with two crossed scythes and an hourglass ... How appropriate ... ;)

A color version of the bier cottage can be seen here.

Wish everyone a nice and relaxing weekend!

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