EH5 1GL - GRAVITY <visual contact at Granton>

Go through my action ;-)

When new androids, usual citizens and VIPs are landing in the space ship to the EDINBURG SHIP-PORT entry zone.

GRANTON landing area, view over Lower Granton Road
district of Midlothian, Nova Scotia (under jurisdiction of UNITED KINGDOM)

Have a great weekend everybody ;-)

soundtrack for that close encourter of the third kind

do not listen at dark night or alone if you´re inside the house and you´re kind of claustrophobic personality but this song works decently louder on your speakers I think. Trust me. Especially if you will be looking at all four photos longer than 1 minute ;-)
Geir Jenssen is one of the most important pioneers of electronic ambient music in last two decades. I´m pretty sure. My favourite northern ambient for forever.

another important information. the most wanted excellent "3D" theatrical experience in your IMAX just landing ...GRAVITY. Really survival ... nothing about "AVATAR which looks like effective and visually ecological romantic tale about extraterrestial Pocahontas".

thinking about that movie. Am i right? has anybody seen that movie?

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