this luminous life.

By Laura


This is my 2,000th photo on Blipfoto. It is also my last.

On October 26th, 2006, I posted my first photo on Blip. I had no idea that this place would become such a wonderful community, a beautiful way to daily document my life, and somewhat of an addiction. A few years ago, life changed more and I started posting photos less and less. Recently, I've struggled with wanting to continue posting photos but also wanting to step away. I feel like most of my photos here are a part of me that isn't me anymore. I've changed. This is part of my past. There is nothing wrong with that (I know many people have been Blipping for years!), but I'm ready to let go and move on.

I waited until today to post my 2,000th photo.
It is also my seventh Blip birthday (in years, not number of photos).

WOW! How quickly the time seems to go by! How magnificent life is!

Thank you to every person that has supported and influenced me here.

You are cherished.

This is a fond farewell.

Love and light,

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