T-Rex In Edinburgh - day 1

Here is a blip of T-Rex standing on some prehistoric rocks outside the Our Dynamic Earth attraction in Holyrood, Edinburgh. This is the next stage of this lovely pink dinosaur's tour of the world as he raises cancer awareness.

His last tour was round lovely Cornwall with Molly the gorgeous collie. From reading about it on Facebook, and his stats with previous Blippers, this is how the T-Rex Planet Tour Cancer Awareness works - I quote:

One person keeps the T-Rex for a week and take photos portraying the T-Rex however she/he feels like, be creative, have fun. Dedicate the photos to whoever you feel like, post them here and in the social media of your choice, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, just make sure tag your photos #t_rex_planet_tour_cancer_awareness.

When the person finishes with the 7th or more photos she/he will send the T-Rex to another person in any place on the planet, and that other person will send to another one and so on...

Volunteers are needed now for the next stage of his voyage. You don’t have to be a Blipper so please contact me if you’d like him to come and stay with you for a week.

The project started in Los Angeles, March 9th 2013, and from there the T-Rex is going to Philadelphia, Brazil, England and other places ... and is now in the Scottish capital.

I am looking forward to taking T-Rex out and showing him the city as well as helping to raise cancer awareness, especially in October as it is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

I hope you have all had a good Saturday.

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