By Lizimagiz

Early Walk

It has been busy busy all day long. I was out with the dogs at for a nice long early walk all the way upstream following the Taylor River to the bottom of the Taylor Dam and back. The lovely lush green hills on the right in today’s image are on Meadowbank Station. The famous Tux Dog Trials are held on those particular hills. Behind is The Ned, the mountain on Tempello Station.
It was busy early on Meadowbank Station this morning. We could hear cattle across the river making a tremendous amount of noise. The Station dogs were barking madly as the cattle were being rounded up and herded to the cattle yards. Quite a contrast in land use to the vineyards further back downstream.
I bought plants galore from the plant nurseries today and then had a race against time to get them into pots and the garden before the rain set in this evening.
To top that off, husband Keith turned 81 today. He is an extremely fit 81 year old…would put folk much younger than him to shame. We are not big on birthdays in our family but he has been fielding calls from family members even from overseas. We have some of our family visiting this coming weekend so will celebrate the birthday during their visit.
Keith retired from his medical practice at the end of September. Because he has actually closed the practice there is a tremendous amount of on-going work to finish of all the paper work and then clear out the surgery. The surgery wing is part of the house and the task is daunting to say the least... Keith still has his textbooks from when he was a medical student at St Marys, Paddington. Just wait until we start on sorting the house…. The mind boggles.
It is quite nice and relaxing to sit down at the computer to do my blip. Folk tend to think that blipping everyday must be a huge task. Little do they know just what a joy it is to be part of the BlipWorld!

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