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3 years ago (I am posting this on 6th Sep 2009) I was probably on highest adrenaline ever. It's a lifetime experience. The scariest moment is when you're standing at the open door of the mini aircraft, looking at the abyss below. and at that moment there was only one thought - 'no matter what you give me or what you do to me, I am not going to do this, I am not going to jump. I will go down on the ground in the plane itself, with my seatbelt secured. Jumping from here is out of question.' But at times you don't have a choice - you're tandem-tied to the guide jumper. So there it was...1-2-3 and jump...the very moment we jumped off the plane, there was no fear was all awe, just awe. The air hits your face so hard that it moves every muscle of the face. There was another guy who jumped along with us just to take pictures and shoot video. My guide was insisting that I should look at the camera. But smiling at the camera was lowest on my priority list at that moment. The world looked so beautiful from up there! For the first time I felt how probably the birds feel while soaring the high skies.

Will I do it again - probably not. I would rather cherish this as a singular memory.

Stats - let's see if I can remember. I think we jumped from a height of 13000 ft and had a free fall for 60 secs till 5000 ft and the last 5000 ft was a smooth and relaxed parachute ride :)

more here

the video :)

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