By treegonk

Captain Kate

Took two lovely ladies fishing today. Helen and Kate are working through a book of '50 things to do before you die'. First on their list was fishing and drinking whisky in Scotland. Ticked those two boxes then. (although I think Helen has had plenty whisky before). I think the challenge should be to actually catch a fish, but my teaching skills didn't quite get them that far.

I caught three trout though and we gobbled one for lunch on the bank as the rain piddled down, but we hardly noticed it. Fresh fish, and good fun, who needs good weather?

Kate skippered us home and managed to break the motor, so we had to row back the last bit with one and a half oars, cos I had broken one on the bottom earlier. (the bottom of the loch, not a lady's bottom)

(1 o'clock / 10 o'clock Helen & SLOW DOWN!)

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