By WharfedaleBex

Eyes open

After seeing a few lovely ladybird shots on blip and seeing only the odd unkempt one while I've been outdoors, I went on a ladybird hunt today.

Stopping at the bush alive with hover flies, I spotted my comma from a couple of days ago and suddenly, in front of me was a little red & black spotted bug disappearing off into the depths of the foliage.

Could I find it? NO! Grrrr!

Patience paid off as some time later, this little pollen-covered beauty came crawling along.

As I continued on my way, I went a slightly different route to normal which went through a little shaded path. As I went through a wooden gate, there, on the rotten post, were at least half a dozen ladybirds including a bright orange one with white spots and ladybird larvae.

Shows what happens when you look a bit harder.

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