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By creativelenna

Wild Banyan Tree (Ficus citrifolia)

This is one of the many wild and amazing things my friend Cheryl and I saw when we visited the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota, Florida.
Must try large!

We enjoyed walking through the conservatory and seeing the Gems of the Rainforest Exhibit which included many regal orchids, a cocoa plant and one of my favorites, a pitcher plant (see here). So wild!

We took a lovely walk around and through trees like this huge banyan above, with many flowers and lush Florida plants to amaze you as you meander. You can walk by the Sarasota Bay and look at wild life and boats and even a snake!

A batik exhibit based on the artist's time spent in this very same garden, plus lunch at the cafe, enjoyed outdoors with my sweet friend wrapped up a most delightful afternoon!
I've had a couple of busy days but will get caught up with my entries now and will visit you soon . . . thanks as always for your visits and delightful comments, hearts & stars! I'm one lucky girl!

Found a blip from another visit to selby gardens on June 4, 2011 : )

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