Going nuts (again)

Took this picture late in the day but didn't get to processing it until later. I had however forgotten to set the time on my SLR after the change from BST back to GMT so the EXIF time was wrong and actually pushed into the wrong day. Thankfully it's easy to edit and correct the EXIF data in a picture and I corrected the batch of pictures and they are now all correct.

The picture is a tin of hazelnut's that my better half collected on her way into work this autumn. She is rather fond of nuts and these are collected in small batches every day mostly at the train station but also elsewhere. They arrive home and are piled up in a tin, which is now full to the brim. Over the next few months she will much her way through them. I'm not really a fan so I won't be bothering with them but I'm sure she will enjoy them!

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