By Mikey88


The picture shows the rigging from HMS Warrior. How anybody made any sense out of this and got sails up and down is compeletely beyond me.

So, we survived the wind and were on our way to Portsmouth. The ferry wasn't leaving until 10pm, so we had a day to kill. This was a real bonus, as I'd been looking for a way to get to the Mary Rose Exhibition and this was my chance.

We went to the Historic Dockyard and bought a pass for all the attractions, which meant that we could go round HMS Warrior, HMS Victory and The Mary Rose Exhibition - for which we had a time of 3 o'clock. We certainly learned a lot about life on board ships through the development of the British Navy! It was a fascinating day - particularly the Mary Rose. The number of artefacts was amazing and it gave a real picture of what life must have been like, and there were some interesting reconstructions from some of the skeletons which had been recovered.

So, the day went very quickly. We left Portsmouth at about five, to find something to eat. Got a reasonable meal at a Premier Inn restaurant and then went back to Porstmouth to wait in the queue for the ferry. I hadn't been on a ferry for about twenty five years, and my wife had never been one one, so I was relieved to find out how easy it was.

While we waited in the queue, I put the stickers on the headlights to adjust them for driving in France, and slapped the magnetic GB sticker on the back and we were ready for France. We drove the car up to the ferry and parked, went and found our cabin and we were on our way.

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