Still Rockin'

By RockArea

Watcombe Beach in the Rain

The weather forecast said that the best chance of clear weather would be between 1 and 3pm today so I headed off to Watcombe Beach. I'd forgotten how steep it is going down to the beach from the car park (and coming back up of course) but it's all good healthy exercise, isn't it. This is where Isambard Kingdom Brunel used to come and roll his trousers up for a paddle.

The drizzle that had kept my wipers on intermittent all the way continued and of course it was blowing straight in at me from the sea, no matter where I went in the little cove. I set the tripod up and got my microfibre cloth out and carried on taking shots from various places, giving the lens a good wipe before each exposure.

Reviewing my shots on the computer, when I got home, I only had one without rain spots and that was the very first one I took (it was a bit under exposed as the camera was still set on autobracket from yesterday). Thank goodness for RAW. I managed to get sufficient detail out of it and it looks as if there's more light there than I remember seeing. You can see it LARGE here.

Thanks for all your good wishes on Calumet Photo of the Week.


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