Raj Tipparaju's Eye Q

By rajseyeq

Crying Heart!!

Live from India....

Not knowing how to beat the boredom, I set out at night going around the town, trying to find things which might slow and cool down my herat which was racing at 100 miles an hour. Reason?? I wish I could share it with my fellow blippers but unfortunately, I can't.....

I then bumped into this kid whose day was still not done yet. He was selling balloons for living. What surprised me was he didn't ask me to buy a balloon but wanted me to take his picture. I was moved and could feel an ache in my heart.

I had mixed emotions and started to think should I be happy that the kid is not begging for money but selling stuff for living or should I be sad that a kid who is supposed to be going to school to learn things and become a successful individual is out on the streets selling stuff for living?

I then cajoled myself and decided that though I can't wipe out the entire poverty from this planet, I can at least support one kid who is in real need and help him/her out. And the day it happens, I'll be proudly sharing the details of the kid with my blip family.

Have a great day everyone.

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