Security! Security!

I don't have anything (OK - not much) to hide, but the ever present CCTV security camera does get on my nerves.

I read something recently that only one crime was solved for each 1000 cameras. Certainly this one pointing the wrong way at an empty office block isn't helping!

It isn't so much the cameras themselves but the knowledge that someone I don't know or tust might be watching/recording. I'll resist stereotyping the sort of person who might get this sort of security job - just in case - but you get my point.

CCTV, filtering telephone calls, snooping on web browsing, ID cards - just all seems a little bit big brother doesn't it? Its all fine as long as the peopole doing the snooping have some integrity, but that's the problem isn't it...

Rejects from today:

Reject 1: Permit holder breadcrumbs

Reject 2: Pend Lurking

Reject 3: Autumn Weeds

Happy Thursday all!

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LOTD: Raj Tipparaju's Eye Q's "Crying Heart!" blip is a fab street portrait - love the colours and light.

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