By Artyfartyannie

Its the Berries

The title is what I thought was a Glaswegian expression but when I look up the meaning of "berries" in the slang way......quote Berries - That which is attractive or pleasing; similar to bee's knees, As in "It's the berries." so I'm pleased with the result of this photograph which involved getting up a ladder.......... what about you........no pressure .......you can say what you like !!!!

I am pleased in that it is such an improvement on yesterdays blip which is what I was aiming for. I could take this further by developing the idea in an artistic way, and I think I will and have ideas, but who knows where it will go ??? .....I DON'T !!!!!

So today was quite sunny with showers that were rather inconvenient when we decided to go out and brush up some leaves as I am about to pot up the spoils of yesterday from Dobbies. What a racket (sorry Dobbies, I mean you....... I was hoodwinked ) Their prices are very high and so their sales dont even match normal prices . Nice place to wander and have coffee but see thats the appeal for dumbos like me who love plants. Anyway I am up to them now. Well I think plants in general have gone through the roof hence I must get on with the greenhouse and area design. I went to a local garden center and things were much more favorable price wise. Otherwise it was not salubrious there. One always has to shop around but you need a lot of time. I'm quite impulsive in these matters.

Alan was making up some chairs from one of our flats in Edinburgh. Seems people like to have their own stuff now and don't want the stuff one gives them :-(( I thought these chairs that we bought for the tennants were really a nice design but a few chips are out of them now and the tennants didn't give us all the bolts and nuts back so Alan had to do some research to get them from another place called ..... da de da.... so much cheaper than you know where !!!

Just a note to say I'm so sorry for the people of the Philippines. I have 2 friends from there. Not close friends but never the less I'm concerned. I see that it has happened on the highest population over the town of Tacloban south east of Manila. One friends family are north of Manila and I'm not so sure of where the other is but I can make enquires.

Anyway enough of my personal ramblings. Hope all is well with all of you blippers and FB-ers

Good night or Good day to you all

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