The Blackcountry Man

By brickmaker

St Thomas Bay.....

Today we stopped at St Thomas, US Virgin Islands, well, if I never come here again it will be two days too soon as far as I am concerned. The US immigration took 5 hours to process all the passengers, as if we silver haired old people are any concern to this island. We queued and queued and we queued, and just because they couldn't be bothered to bring their computers along, we had to fill out form after form after form. I told many of the senior crew they should bypass this island and if all the other cruise lines did it would teach them a lesson, that is what happened to Acapulco and now the ships don't stop there till they get their act together.

Any how after a few more hours we were out into the big wide world of the Virgin Isles.

We had a few drinks and a good walk around before heading back to the ship, and drinky poos and food.

Tonight I almost managed to get in front in the casino, over the ten days I am only 45 dollars down overall, which can't be too bad.

This blip is a Panorama of St Thomas Bay from our top deck.

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