Mrok's photo of the day

By Mrok

The dark FGCX

Today our riders club arranged event "Pimeet fiksikrossit" which translates to the dark fixed gear cyclocross. This is annual small event which we use to promote cx and trailriding to local fixed gear scene :)

Yesterday scouted the track with some friends, today after work did the construction work using signs, white spray paint and marking tape and soon we were ready to rock. The event had total 17 participants, and the darkness and new environment for the track gave nice touch to the evening. The riders seems to be pumped up and the 45min race gave all big grin to their face. I think we won again few people atleast to consider riding offroad.

Here is one of the places were most of the riders had to jump of their bike, a small ditch after downhill train and with significant uphill afterwards..

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