Lake at Stirling University by Night

Hullo blippers

Tonight's effort is a night shot at Stirling University. It is beautifully landscaped with lakes full of swans and birds and wonderful trees. On
campus there are a few shops and cafes and the McRobert center which
shows films and plays. They don't know how lucky they are, I dont
suppose. I was wondering if I could be a student again but I don't think
the brain is up to it, nor are the hours. The reason I settled for this blip
was that I couldn't take a picture of the moon and the lovely sky as I didn't
have a tripod with me but for this view I could put the camera on a wall.

At the Cinema in the McRobert we saw "Rush" It was an absolutely brilliant film basically about formula 1 motor racing. There is no way on earth that I have an interest in that but after seeing this film I see what my son-in -law sees in it. He probably see the excitement, passion, speed, boy mechanics, relationships, competitiveness, gossip, beauty and sex every time he watches it although to a non advocate, like myself it's just cars going round and round a track all the time endlessly forever. Lucky him I'd say. I might get hooked.

It was a really well crafted film about the rivalry between James Hunt (driving for McClaren) and Niki Lauda (driving for Ferrari......Alan whispers in my ear.....a bad lot) but there were maybe the usual obvious comparisons between that the film also pivoted on love, luck and logicality. Also there are the other comparisons of..........he ( James Hunt ) can't get anyone to truly love him Luck ( that is always out there ....good luck and bad luck ) and working with instinct.

I could write more but I think you have had enough.

Alan has made an Aubergine dish with a piece of fish.

Sounds good to me.
Nighty night y'all xxxxxxx

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