I want to believe

By Poondash

It's back!

This weekend is the last round of the WRC (World Rally Championship). Anyone that knows me knows I have a liking for rallying.

Rally GB, on my doorstep in North Wales! With it being the last round left on the calendar it's either the title decider or already rapped up by the time they visit the UK, this time it's the latter.

Visited the Rally park in Deeside today, seen olympian Amy Williams & her car there. To be honest I don't know her & don't care either, she's a minor celeb trying her hand at something different so no doubt it'll be wrapped around a tree come Sunday.

Then went Llandudno to see the drivers & got a few things of mine signed (here) now back home & ready for bed.

For anyone who cares, after 3 night stages tonight Sebastian Ogier is leading, no surprise since he is the newly crowned world champion.

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