By CameraHappy


DDW's challenge for today is favorite time of day. Upon reflection I realized that it very much depends on how tired I am in the morning, how exhausted at night, or what I have to do that day, plus many other factors. There are parts of every day that I enjoy and parts, not so much!

The grand kids were over today and I realized that when they are here, my favorite time(s) of the day is when they are having fun. Here they are playing hide-and-seek just before dinner. (And no, ketchup is not the only thing on the menu, but is a favorite dipping sauce for our 4-year-old.) There were shrieks of laughter when they found each other, but they would hide in the same place. The 4-year-old pretended that she could not find her brother hiding under the table. And, then she hid there so he could find her! They're such fun, but I have these pangs every so often that they are growing up too quickly. I do love them dearly.

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