Autumn rose

Busy day today, completing things from yesterday then in the evening helping a friend install a new version of Debian GNU/Linux into a virtual machine, so he can standardise all the computers in his home on the same build. As a result my blipping opportunities have been somewhat limited.

I had two options for the day, a street light with number F2 on it, which would have made a good photo reference as f/2 and as this blip will be my second year blip. It was okay but not very exciting.

Option two is this very pale-pink/white rose, which doesn't really have enough light so it's too soft and not very in-focus. White roses are for Yorkshire, which my grandmother had some attachment too being born there - even though she was raised and lived almost all her life in Lancashire. For my sins I did my degrees in Leeds which is a very good University, even if it is in Yorkshire... ;-)

This is the 730th entry, which makes two years, if you exclude leap years. It's not the best picture I've taken but it's not the worst! I'm also back blipping it, as we're still out of sorts at home with work going on in the extension, where I'm now going to clean and do some painting... It's not my 730th consecutive blip though - that will be in December, that's when I'll really consider it an achievement.

Interestingly my very first blip was a rose, and while I've blipped a lot of flowers, they're not really something that I'm that fussed about, but they don't move as much as animals, and are easier to get to than good landscapes...! I suppose that makes me a lazy blipper but I'd say pragmatic...

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