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Trip to London to knit with friends

Today has been a really great day, I wish I had a better photograph to share!

I've been to London to spend the afternoon in a pub with friends chatting and knitting (and eating and drinking). Afternoons don't get much better than that. I learnt a new knitting skill which is the subject of the photograph - fair isle knitting. First I had to get used to knitting with two colours - up until now I've only used one colour or done stripes so not much switching. Then I tried holding one colour in each hand. It feels a bit weird at the moment but I think I'll get there with practice. I also got to meet the famous Kings Cross Escalator Lady, had a cheeky Leon (Moroccan meatballs with rice, slaw, and baked fries), and got a free cider due to delays on my lunch.

In the meantime, Chris has recently had his first short produced and got to see it today. It's fantastic, I'm so proud. If you want to watch, it's available at Vimeo. I find it amazing that something he has written has been discovered by someone and turned into a production, how cool is that?!

Lovely to have such a positive day :)

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