Kat's eye view

By kats_eye

If wishes were horses...

I want it all, like a small child, but I can't have it.

I realise that if I want to make my job work, and I want to submit my essays and pass my Masters, and if I want to keep my health, I can't go to Glastonbury this year.
And I'll probably be too tired to enjoy it even if I did go. The Outsider is probably the more sensible option...

I don't want to be sensible. But...

Also, still feeling ill, with that nasty cough. So I left work at lunchtime. And the sun came out so I sat in the sun and had lunch and long, long chats with t. So not all bad. Though probably not what I should have done.
We concluded that it was a luxury it was to have dilemmas about things like this.

Though I really should start studying again.

And I want to feel healthy again.

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