By Artyfartyannie

Mr Men Book Covers have Changed

No brownie points for guessing where these new characters came from.
It was baby sitting day as you can see and these two didn't need any encouragement to play their parts as models for the new covers on the Mr Men and Little Miss Books by Roger Hargreaves. Mr Hargreaves was so much on the money making his stories and titles appeal to children and adults alike. These two actually fit in to many of the categories already.

Although sleep was not in abundance last night we still found these two such fun today. Esme already has a reputation for being nosey (Mr Hargreaves kindly calls it curious) and as for Mr Naughty..............well as I keep saying he is not naughty but he is really mischievous . Here he is trying to scare his Granny with his two snakes and taking great delight in it as you can see. It was a different kettle of fish when I told him I was going to "pretend" to be Cruella de Vil. He looked at me seriously and said "but Granny, you are a person" ie a witch is not a person, so you cant do that. There were ongoing talks about what a person was and finally he has admitted that he is one. Animals are animals and people are persons. I checked with several people and animals except he did admit getting Mummy wrong when he called her an animal......and she was in the room when he said it. But of course we all laughed including him. That'll be the next lesson....to be able to laugh at himself and not take things too seriously.

Esme is really coming on great and loves practicing standing at the gate at the top of the stairs. She has really strong legs. And is the cutest and best little girl in the whole world. My favorite grand daughter. I don't have a dilemma with Jody and Cian cause I love them both the same.

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