Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Marilyn Mocker

Doesn't this remind you a bit of that iconic photo of Marilyn Monroe in the skirt? Well, that is what it reminded me of ...and while it wasn't the best shot of the day, it was the one that I like best. And, it hopefully marks the return of the mocker to our yard. I think this is probably a female (although it is impossible to tell) only because she disappears further down the street in the summer, probably to a male's territory. Every winter we see her at the bird bath (as seen here) and at the suet feeders. I saw her out at the bath several times today. They are elegant birds - long and slender and. as the name implies, masters at mimicry. They are also one of the few birds that will sing all night during the mating season.

The Northern Mockingbird is widely spread and common throughout all of the United States. They are said to be extremely intelligent with the ability to recognize specific human faces. They are omnivores, eating both insects and fruits.

We continue to have large numbers of cedar waxwings and robins in the cedar trees, gobbling berries. Every so often several dozen will descend on the bird baths in the yard, perching on the cherry trees until it's their turn. It's really pretty spectacular - both for the ears and the eyes. Mixed in with the larger birds are always several tiny yell0w-rumped warbler.

I posted six other shots on Flickr, starting HERE - a couple of flower shots and some robins, waxwings and warbler.

I'm quite excited to say that I've sold TWO photos, both on canvas, through my new website! Same person bought both, one of a butterflyl and one birdy fall foliage shot. Both came through Facebook. Of course, my profit on this is so small that I doubt it would add up to dinner, but it's still got me feeling chuffed!

Thanks for the kind comments on my lake shot yesterday. I plan to do some more experimentation so get ready. If only the birds will stop distracting me...


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