By treegonk

The Grab

Apologies for my recent toilet humour. Hopefully not too patronising for Chinese people either.

Anyway, time for more important things. Money. - I am now blatantly appealing for donations to our marathon appeal for Alzheimer Scotland.

Blippers who followed my marathon efforts will know that we ran as a team to raise money for this charity.

I'm sure there are some lovely rich blippers out there that might be able to help out! We had a target of £1000 and we are currently sitting at £955. So if every blipper that viewed this could donate £1 (about US$5, I think at today's conversion rate) we would beat our target. I suppose that depends on a few people viewing this. :O? The link if you would like to donate is HERE.

Also - updated Flickr with my book sale pics, from which came my old romantic lady blip.

You sees da picters = you pay da money....HERE.!

I love you all.

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