I haven't seen Sally for at least a year. Today I met up with herself and Barbara and Moira. They all met while working at our local Hospice. I dont really know if Sally should see this as its not flattering but it is kinda like her but not in a nice photographic way. The photo I took of her on my phone today was one of the worst ever so I thought ( and you know what thought did !) that I could improve it by painting it using various tools in photoshop. Oh dear.... Poor Sally who is a beautiful lady did not deserve this rather harsh portrait which makes her look really old. I cant spend the next 2 days redoing it so I do apologise to Sally but this is the best I can do for the moment. No wonder I have given up on painting if I am going to do this to people.

We thoroughly enjoyed our coffee and chat time and got into all sorts of forbidden areas of discussion. It was fun. Moira and Barbara featured in this blip are another two great characters. I'll get Moira one day but she will put up a real fight as she hates having her picture taken. God knows why as she is really pretty.

I got up early to meet them and you know what that is for me.......late for other people to put it mildly, hence after a mooch around M & S I got home and had lunch and a sleep on the settee. I then had a phone call from my good friend A and we discussed a lot. Poor lassie is going through a lot at the moment. Alan and I watched Snow White the ballet for a short while. I think we saw the best bit when Snow white lay on a glass platform and the prince and she did an amazingly choreographed dance with her being limp in death as it were. He accidentally, it looked like, kissed her and while his back was turned she came slowly to life. Very good indeed. That witch Queen was so scary to me as a child as it was the first film that I saw. I have already shown Cian a wee bit of it so that I have ammunition for when he is mischievious. He'll probably tell me that I'm a person so I cant do it !!!

That's the top and bottom of the story for today. No planting was done today AGAIN

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