Day Today

By Feathers14

Uncharted Territory

Wednesday.... On to campus; get some work done and a lot of back blipping. I shan't make you figure out which ones they are nor will I make you look at all of them, but I will highlight some personal favourites:

This one of Axel
This one too
I like this one
And finally this one

Meet Axel n Kris in the Fort for a bit of work and then rolled back to Leamington for an epic meal.

I took this photo, which incidentally is quite unlike anything I've ever blipped before as it stretches more into the abstract/experimental realms of photography, as I was on my way up to Eve's, Axel's and Mahfood's where we cooked up a meal that ended up looking like this.

No, it wasn't as good as it looks... It was much better.

I love how this epic meal time has become a mini-tradition, now. It combines two of my favourite things: big communal meals and doing something new/badass/interesting.



I've nothing to really gage this sort of thing against so any feedback, opinions and tips/advice/criticisms are welcomed with open arms.

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