Desert Squirrel

By PolS

Pinders Pond, Central Otago

We're staying in Roxburgh for a couple of days exploring the cycle tracks around here. This morning we stopped for an early lunch at Pinders Pond. I examined the scene, and decided that there wasn't much that is natural in this environment. The only element I noticed that is indigenous to the area is the boulder in for foreground, presumably a glacial erratic.

The pond was created during the gold mining days. All the trees, and the lupins and other plants, come from somewhere else, not New Zealand. Nonetheless, it was a lovely day and an attractive scene. Even more welcome was a phone call from our builder, conveniently timed while we were stationary, telling us that we may be able to get back into our house next week.

I do have photos to post for the intervening days, but haven't had time and adequate internet access until now. So maybe some backblips this evening.

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