By Pepysman

Fifty Years On

On the 22nd November 1963, a Friday, we went, as we usually did, to see my grandmother. We being paw, maw and the weans. We left home at 7.00pm, called in at a neighbours for a few minutes and then went to a nearby village where my mum did some shopping. While the rest of us waited in the car an acquaintance of my father came up and told us that President Kennedy had been shot and there was some mention of Mexico.

There was stunned silence. Later I said that perhaps there had been some mistake but by the time we reached my grandmother's it was evident that indeed the President had been shot. It was, of course, Texas not Mexico where it had taken place. "Take Your Pick" had been cancelled as indeed had all other programmes and instead there were tributes and solemn music (I think). I just have a memory of a very quiet night though the house would be full of people.

I am now going to post this at almost exactly the time we would have heard the news.

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