By Rosemarie55


Had a busy day! Cleared up the leaves in the garden. Picked some apples - left most for the blackbirds. When there's snow in the ground they just love to feed on the apples left on the tree.

Used www. to help me to halve my home insurance which AA wanted renew at almost 50% more than last year when I changed over to them. The usual story - a cheap first year and THEN the next year boost it up hugely! Mostly I'm too lazy to search for cheaper deals, but this year it was more than joke!

Must be feeling particularly active today - I compared four cameras to take the same shot of David. Nikon D3100, Canon PowerShot SX50, Fujifilm FinePixS602Zoom, and my little point and shoot Nikon CoolPix S2600. All taken within five minutes from the same tripod in the same position. PowerShot and CoolPix were neck and neck but I think the PowerShot won the day and I've used it here.

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