Gillipaw's Journal

By Gillipaw

The Morning After ...

.... the Fair yesterday. I think those Elvish helpers missed these Santa Hats and Lanyards. They have done a great clear up job though.

Boiler update : Gas Board appeared at noon, and the fan motor has died. It was only replaced two years ago. Baxi ... I am unimpressed. And, of course, the engineer doesn't have a spare in his van, so will have to come back tomorrow. It is below zero outside. We have all our portable fan heaters on, plus two gas fires. No hot water.

#2 is en-route home from Oxford on Virgin Trains. He's been sitting in Preston station on the train for over an hour. Staffing issues seemingly. Suddenly lots of people have boarded the train, some are having to stand, probably all the way to Glasgow. Don't you just love travelling in the UK!?!

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