Sticking in the Craw

It would be wrong to overlook the big event of the day. Was that the smell of burning heather? The long awaited White Paper! I'm not going to do anything other than sit on the fence here, of course.
I have the tome in front of me (aye, on paper) and I've flicked through it. It's a mixture of facts, hopes, suppositions and risible nonsense.
What it should be doing, quite frankly m'dears, is going through all the functional areas of government (from the Coastguard to Research Councils) which are currently UK wide and establishing a preferred approach i.e. de-merger or shared responsibilities and an indication of how that may be achieved as well as outlining the new structures of an independent state. And costs would be nice.
Abolition of the bedroom tax, improved childcare, reduced corporation tax and even the removal of nuclear weapons, however laudable, have absolutely nothing to do with it. All of those are the responsibility of the incoming post-independence government. This must be the first time that a party political manifesto has been written by civil servants, and funded by the taxpayer.

Enough! What about this though: money worries and the distractions of social media mean people are having sex less frequently, researchers say.
I have no money worries! Should I be cutting down on Blipfoto?

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