What a lovely day:-

By BKeeper

To Wonder about Missed Opportunities

Yesterday I received strict instructions that I was to produce a picture of a canal narrow boat stranded in the middle of the Irish Sea.

Well here is the poor old girl. There are some out there that know I have a soft spot for narrow boats. It is sad to say that although this vessel appears to be in reasonable condition she has never got beyond the hull building stage and so has been unable to give hours of innocent pleasure to any owner.

Mind you in order to get this picture I did have to get permission from the yard owners and to achieve this I went to the reception office where a very pleasant lady was able to assist me.

However the most noteworthy event of the day was that whilst in the office I noticed that there was a black cat fast asleep in the correspondence in tray.

Perhaps that accounts for the lack of activity with the narrow boat.....

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