Day Today

By Feathers14

The Road Ahead

Project work (was mentioned a lot more frequently this time last year, I feel), photography, house socials, ski tour, Christmas.

It's all coming up really quickly.

After last night's fantastic social (more fool those that missed out on a gin-credible PhotoSoc first: circling!) I woke up this morning and lazed back down to my house via Jephson Gardens where I stopped to take a few photos.

On the way through the park someone was walking the other way and randomly we just looked at each other and they returned my smile. Didn't cost anything, but it seemed like a mutual appreciation of the serenity and beauty of where we were and that it was to be enjoyed by all. Very random, but made me feel good about the world.

On to campus: lecture, curiositea coffee house session and then after Surf rehearsals I headed to the Jug in town to enjoy a drink with the rest of my house, for Thanks Giving.



If you want to practice portraits, a model that never ever moves or gets annoyed is a blessing.

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