Safe transit

Very long and busy day at work today. More SEPA XML work, which is tedious to say the least, as the SEPA standard was clearly written by a committee of people who didn't know anything about XML...!

On arriving home I found the courier on the door-step about to leave having failed to deliver an order of organic-solvent free paint I ordered yesterday. I was pleased to see the paint arrived as we needed it but I was annoyed that they had failed to deliver it already as my better half has been at home all day expecting it to arrive. While it is true that my better half may been have been a bit cloth-eared and was at the rear of the house I think the courier could have made more effort before giving up.

Once the paint was safely indoors and not on the way back to the depot I popped round to a friend to help him sort out his email. He had somehow managed to turn the menu bar off and was now finding it hard to do much. I'm not sure what he had done or if it's the latest default in Thunderbird but it was only a few seconds to fix.

I then returned home to prepare dinner, hoping to make it back into the village for a talk on Hedgehogs at the local Biodiversity Society - which sadly I missed.

Tonight's blip the egg-box style packing material the the ECOS paint turned up in. You wouldn't think something in a heavy duty steel canister would need so much protection, but paint is heavy stuff and if you drop it, it can carry enough energy to rupture if it hits a hard edge and then you end up with a very wet and highly coloured mess...

Now I think it's time to go and feed my better half some warm milk and chocolate for her painting efforts...

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