Seal Island Bridge

This is technically a back blip as I am posting it after midnight from Halifax , having arrived here less than an hour ago after a fascinating but jam packed day which included a wonderful morning at the Gaelic College in Cape Breton with the redoubtable Lewis MacKinnon, Bard, Gaelic activist and CEO of the Nova Scotia Gaelic affairs office and then lunch with representatives from Gaelic organisations along with entertainment from Cape Breton musicians and dancers including the former Premier of Nova Scotia , Rodney MacDonald , who is the Principal of the College.

Then it was off to Cape Breton University, an hour away in Sydney and after a whirlwind tour of various departments we drove another two and a half hours to Antigonish where I hurriedly changed into my kilt in order to attend and say a few words at the St Andrews Night Dinner of the Antigonish Highland Society which is over 150 years old.

After that there was another two hour drive to get here in preparation for meetings with Ministers in the morning , a lunch with business interests and then a lecture at Dalhousie University.

There was a strong storm last night ( leaving 40,000 people without power) and for most of the morning the rain continued to fall but driving to Sydney the clouds started to clear and coming round Kelly's Mountain there was a great view down to this Bridge and out to the Atlantic.

Now it is minus 3 and we are set for cold weather in Halifax and in Toronto tomorrow night.

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