India Gate

Well, we arrived safely at eleven forty am Indian time. Admittedly we'd only had about three hours sleep each on the flight.

Tehre were drivers there to pick us up and take us to our accomodation which was pretty good. The restaurant there is great too we got a meal each which was at least as good standard as the best curries I've had in edinburgh if not better and it was only £8 for the three of us.

After that we decided to do some exploring. We got a taxi to connaught place for a wander then an auto rickshaw down to India gate (via a couple of shopt he tried to talk us into entering).

The most eventful point for me was when I felt something hit my foot and I looked down to see someone closing a shoe polish tin then glanced at my shoe to see what looked like dog crap on them. Whne ~I looked up the guy had dissapeared but miraculously another guy had appeared with shoe cleaning kit. I told himn to get lost as it was clear that was his mate but he kept hassling me.

Eventually I asked him for a price and after about three attempts he said I'll do it then pay what you like. After he did it he tried to ask for 550 rupees. Ok, it's not really bery much money, but since it was clearly his mate who put the stuff on my shoe I told him no way. I looked in my wallet where I had three five hundred notes and another twenty five rupees. I offered him the twenty five and said I had no more money so he could take it or leave it. He tried to keep hassling me so I started walking away and in the end he ended up holding his hand out to take the money.

I'd imagine he must catch a fair few people who are too intimidated to do anything but hand him the cash though.

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