I just want to get there!!

Really good Sunday, very very lazy morning. Mr Me and me didn't wake up until after 9am and decided to stay in bed until almost 10am.. which is really really lazy for us!! We managed to be ready and out of the house by 2pm. As we were leaving one of our neighbours came to ask if we would like his garden table and chairs because they were leaving on Tuesday to go and live in Stevenage. Unfortunately he couldn't take them with him as he and his wife are moving into an apartment.. I thanked him for his kind offer but we have garden furniture so didn't really need any more! Our neighbour and his family are Polish and over the summer months loved hearing them chattering away in their garden especially their little girl who would always be singingJames Arthur's song 'IMPOSSIBLE' i found this funny as she was only 4 and couldn't speak English!! Long story short we done a good deed of the day by helping them take stuff to the tip as we were heading that way..
So today i wanted to go to Tidemills and head towards the beach to be opposite Newhaven Harbour. We arrived around 3.15pm and stayed to watch the sunset. Had our coffee sat on the beach and watched the sky changing colour.. I will post more pics on my flikr later.. Feels like we've had a lovely successful day even though we wasted most of the morning..

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