By seizetheday

Cloud illusion

Another trip down to Newcastle - this time to collect a new Mac. The old one is officially beyond repair!

Drove down via the scenic route on a glorious morning. Eldon Square was nicely festive. Transaction complete, we had a pleasant wander round Grainger Market, had some lunch in a little cafe there and bought lots of veg before heading for the car. Back home via Budle Bay (for a walk on the beach) and Belford (a half at the Bluebell). Treated to the most glorious sunset.

The blip shows the Cheviot from Budle Bay. When I took it, I assumed that there were two hills in the photo, with the Cheviot at the back and a lesser hill in front of it. On closer inspection the back 'hill' is a cloud, with the Cheviot at the fore!

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