family of 4 x

By CarrieMills

18 months!

18 months!!!! i think this now means that he isnt actually a baby any more, hes still my baby though! i think that the set up photos are done with now as he is such a stubbon little thing they are just hard work.. even getting him to do props photos yesterday wasnt working!!

at 18 months he has learnt and mastered so much.
he can repeat most words that you say to him, it doesnt mean that he will use them again just likes to copy.
he has certain words that are si clear, Bye bye, hi ya, GET DOWN, Erin, Cat/Millie, more, all gone, milk.
he is a little chat a box like his big sis, half the time we dont know what he is saying but its cute all the same :)
within the last few days we have finally stopped breast feeding, wow i never thought i would of been feeding until 18 months but hey hey. he now LOVES his milk and has a bottle while going down at night all on his own without any problems.
his beautuful hair is getting far too long now so it may be due for his first cut VERY soon.
him and erin have the greatest relationship, even though they bicker they do love each other so much.

he throws the best kiss with the best noise to follow. loves kisses, cuddles and to be tickled.

baby boy we love you so much and over the last 18 montsh you have completed out little family!!

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