By page16boy

Southall Comfort

Visited Southall today. This place is infamous amongst Asians world over.

As soon as I got off the station, I could smell the different aromas. Didn't take long to walk from the station to find an array of Indian/Pakistani goods on display. From clothing to jewelers (something about Indians with their gold), to multiple restaurants and dhabas (street stalls) scattered along the Broadway.

As I haven't had mums cooking in a while, I went all out and ordered two curries: afghani lamb and lamb Balti with a traditional chicken biryani! After this feast I was almost in food coma! But had to try the sweets!
Walked over to Jalebi Junction where this deep fried crispy goody is sold! Hands down one of the best Jalebi's I have had (crispy, perfect sweetness and it was fresh!!). You can see the guys make the jalebi in front of you. Evidently this place is infamous as we had two family groups approach us asking for it's location by name while we walked back to the station! Bought another box full of other Asian confectionery which more than made up for me missing Diwali treats this year! There is still so much to explore so I will be back :)

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