The Kedge

I had to go to Baltimore today so went on first to The Beacon and later to Spain, by the famine village, to spend hours wandering on the cliffs and scanning the sea.
I lost the path and got stuck in a sea of gorse and brambles, fell over twice, got wet, muddy and covered in scratches but didnt see any whales.
I watched the Holly Jo, one of the whale watching boats, come in from way out to the south west so they must have had to go much further afield to see them today.
It was a still a good ramble, and I found the scorched hillside - scene of Saturdays fires.

This island off the coast of Spain (Baltimore) is called the Kedge. Apologies to anyone I had previously misinformed. The Stags are the rocky islands off Toe Head.

Other than all that lots of Christmassy things, things getting wrapped up and posted and that sort of thing, and a great chat with the girl this evening.

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